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Clip On Ring Light for Selfies

Small light… Big Change! The secret of perfect selfies. Light is the main factor of any good photography. remember to keep the light source in front of you to make your snap attractive.

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Built in Rechargeable Battery
Save Your Time and Money

It has its own independent internal battery so it does not depend on power from your phone or a replaceable battery. Every ring light comes fully charged so you could use it out of box, no waiting! With three different lighting levels, you will find perfect lighting for your photos. Each time you press the button, it will go from Low, Medium, High, and then Off.

Universal Clamp Design
Not just for Your Mobile Phones

Thanks to its universal clamp design, the light is compatible with iPhone and Android smart phones, tablets, iPads, computers, etc. With silicon rubber bumper, it will clip sturdy yet does not scratch your devices. Just have it on the top of your device to enhance and brighten up your face for that perfect selfie.

Compact and Light Weight Your Personal Photographer

Small enough to keep in your purse yet big and bright enough for your videos. ​Different from built in lighted cases, Auxiwa Ring light can be clipped on either front facing or standard. No more having to run around looking for the perfect spot to take a photo.

Perfect for Vlogging and Selfies in less than Optimal Lighting

No matter you are a hairstylist, a selfie lover or a beauty blogger, Auxiwa Ring light will come in handy if you are looking for some thing to help with the lighting for pictures, especially when on the move and your phones camera is the only one available.

Be Creative with Your PHOTO and VIDEO

The ubiquity of the camera phone and the popularity of photo apps mean that we are all amateur photographers these days. Have this Auxiwa Ring Light for your families, friends or yourself, so any shadows will never ever ruin what could have been the selfie of the century.

Clip On Ring Light for Selfies