Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp - Gift on Point

Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp

We always thought sports trophies were cool, but we never really earned any, because, well, sports. But Intramural Quidditch wasn’t an option when we were in school, so maybe things would have gone differently if it were….

This trophy is not just something to gather dust – it’s the glorious Triwizard Cup from Harry Potter’s world. But wait. There’s more! It’s also a desk lamp, perfect for casting a glow on your late night reading without keeping everyone in the room awake.

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He had a choice of paths up ahead. “Point me!” he whispered again to his wand, and it spun around and pointed him to the right-hand one. He dashed up this one, and saw light ahead. The Triwizard Cup was gleaming on a plinth a hundred yards away.
– Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp