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Interactive UV Light Shirts

These ultra cool Shirts allow you to write, design, and play with light on your Glowing Shirt! You use the provided UV Light to create any design you choose instantly. The designed area will light up and the rest of the Shirt will remain dark. These specially created Shirts are made of Glow Threads and will Glow completely when exposed to daylight or bright UV light. At Sporting events, concerts, parties, and any other dark event just write a message on your Shirt and watch as it stands out loud and clear. In this Kit you’ll receive one Shirt and one mini UV Light. – Sizes are relative to an adult male.

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Turn yourself into a living, breathing glow-stick every time you put on one of these interactive UV light shirts. A specialized UV key chain and laser allow you to create crazy and custom designs and slogans – making it the ideal outfit for any party, concert, or rave.

Interactive UV Light Shirts