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Pizza Bags


Here’s some pizza science for you: do you know what the #1 cause of stale gross leftover pizza is? It’s not using the microwave to reheat it (though, protip: reheat your pizza in a hot cast iron skillet for best results). No, it’s air. Exposure to the air is what dries out your toppings while simultaneously making your crust a droopy mess. If you want perfect leftovers from your pizza party, you got to store the cheesy good stuff in an airtight environment.

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So stop trying to shove the entire pizza box on a shelf where it doesn’t really fit anyway, and start storing your leftovers properly! These Pizza Bags are just the thing to keep each individual slice safe from the elements inside your fridge that are out to ruin your perfect pie slices. Each individual slice can be perfectly cradled, keeping the air out and the tasty toppings in. They’re perfect for claiming that last slice of your favorite variety: just pop the slice in a Pizza Bag, write your name on the bag with a marker, and let everyone know that this perfectly preserved slice is yours, all yours!

Pizza Bags