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Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine

Let the whole family watch as you makes a variety of cool, refreshing treats with ease. It features stainless steel cutting blades that work quickly to create perfect snow-like ice. Watch every treat being made through the 360 Degree clear viewing chamber and allow the drip tray to catch anything left behind. Use the included ice mold to make shaveable discs, use or standard ice to create a multitude of frozen treats.

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Stainless steel cutting blades: quickly makes snow-like ice for the perfect icy treat
Included ice molds: use to make shaveable ice discs or as a bowl for serving
Standard ice cubes: use regular ice to create a wide variety of frozen treats
360 Degree viewing chamber: watch all the fun of making shaved ice or snow cones
Drip tray: catches drips to make cleanup easier

Shaved Ice Snow Cone Machine