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You've got to buy a gift. You could buy them something useful, expensive and thoughtful; but let's be honest, that's not your style. You'd rather get the big laughs with your gift, which means you're in the right place. This category is full of gag gifts that will have everyone on the floor.
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Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug
Herald coffee’s natural superpower on your bowels with this ceramic mug. A continuous brown coil shape takes the look of a poo. Two-sided imprint lets people know that “cup of coffee makes y...
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Pizza Bags

Pizza Bags
OTHER BAGS ARE SO SQUARE Here’s some pizza science for you: do you know what the #1 cause of stale gross leftover pizza is? It’s not using the microwave to reheat it (though, protip: reheat ...
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Beloved Shirts Sexy Chest...

Beloved Shirts Sexy Chest Tan One Piece Swimsuit – As Seen On Shark Tank
Beloved Shirts presents the Sexy Chest Tan One Piece Swimsuit Our all over designs are printed on ultra-soft fabric and then individually sewn together to ensure a flawless graphic and a comfortable fit.
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Weiner Kleener Soap

Weiner Kleener Soap
This Weiner Kleener Soap cleans the body but dirties the mind! You’ll be showering twice a day with your new bath time toy. This stimulating soap ring makes a hilarious gag gift for a boyfriend, o...
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