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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the Men on Your List

The holidays are here again, and it’s time to think of some great Christmas gift ideas for men on your list. Thinking of practical things that men can actually use is a good place to start. Hobbies, gadgets, and general interests will give you a place to start. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for men to help you choose the best gift.

Fun Gadgets

Cell phone accessories and cases make nice practical Christmas gift ideas for men. From leather wallet cases to ring lights that clip onto phones to take well-lit selfies, there are several different types of items to choose from. You could make a gift bundle out of it and choose a nice case, a camera gadget, and a pair of headphones.

Drones controlled by smartphones are also popular gift items. They are fun for just flying or they can be used for aerial photography or videos. Whatever the use, drones are good for hours of fun.

Personal assistant speakers make daily activities a little bit easier. Anything that makes his day a bit simpler makes a useful Christmas gift. Asking Alexa or Google for a rundown of his plans for the day, to turn off the lights, or to order food without having to log into his computer or phone is a convenience he will enjoy.

Movie and TV Fan Gifts

Items showcasing his favorite shows make good Christmas gift ideas for men. T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing the logo of his favorite superhero make a fun addition to his wardrobe. Action figures or superhero paperweights will look nice in his office or added to his private collection.


Jewelry is a beautiful personal gift for the man on your list. He’ll love a nice watch with a special date engraved or a pair of monogrammed cufflinks. A chain is a classic and timeless gift as well. Add a charm that means something to him to personalize the gift.


Subscription box gifts are the kinds of gifts that will surprise him all year. Giving him a subscription to a wine of the month club or a shaving kit subscription group is something he will enjoy getting every month. There are subscription boxes for everything from essentials like clothing and underwear to healthy food and geek gifts (superhero figurines and tech toys).


If the man on your list is an avid reader, books are good presents. You can never have too many books. Whether it is a rare copy of one of the classics or the autobiography of one of his heroes, he will appreciate adding to his collection.

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