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Indian Wedding Gifts for Friends and Couples

It is such a difficult task to decide a gift for your friends when they get married. You know your friends very well but you also know that getting married is something that is the beginning of the new life for them. Let us be real. There are going to be many changes in your pal’s life once he/she gets married. Things are not going to be the same. You must be thinking for some wedding gift ideas and have searched on the internet also. The irony is that most wedding gift ideas for friends that are available as a post in an online world actually have the same old ideas. But if you are reading this post, then your search is over. We will give you some different gifting ideas for your friend’s marriage that they will remember for a lifetime. Read on!

Glass Decorated By Glass Colors

There is a customized method which does not involve a high cost but this item will surely touch the correct chord of your friend’s heart. Have a martini glass and write the lovely quote on it using the glass colors. Also, mention the name of your friend. If you want to make this gift a little more precious, then buy a martini glass which is made of fine and luxury glass material. This will add weight to your present. This present is a combination of a customized wedding gift and a shopped one. You can put your feelings through your quotes. Believe us, if you decorate the glass properly using the right colors, it will look better than your expectation. A word of caution here, please don’t forget to mention the name of your friend’s spouse on this glass. After all, this is a gift for two of them.

Couple T-shirt

There are many websites online which are selling couple t-shirts which have attractive quotes. You know that your friend will go on a honeymoon after he/she gets married. Do not you want him/her wear an attire which you have gifted them? What else would be more comfortable than a t-shirt for a honeymoon travel? This is one of the topmost and lovable wedding gift ideas for a couple which is personalized and damn useful. Many shades are available for such t-shirts. From dark shades like blue to black and light ones like grey to white, you can choose the one you want your friend to wear with his/her life-partner.

A Gold Ring For Both

You know Indian people are crazy about gold jewelry. Gold is something that reside in the heart of every Indian couple. If you have a budget to buy a gold ornament, then please, buy a gold ring for your friend and his/her life partner. Gold is that wedding gift ideas for couple which is actually a ‘precious investment’. During the time of crisis, your friend can use the jewelry. Nobody wants such time to occur in one’s friend’s life. But life is unpredictable. Better be safe than be sorry. Moreover, there are so many designs that have come up in a jewelry making arena. You can gift the most attractive design to your friend as far as gold ring is concerned. In addition to this, branded stores which sell gold come up with lot of discounts during wedding season. So you will not hurt your pocket if you buy the gold ring in that season. The feeling which your friend will get after receiving such a precious gift will be ecstatic. Believe us, it is true.

Special Dinner Set

You must be thinking that dinner set is just another common stuff and would not give any special feeling. Wrong! If you give the dinner set to your friend which will be of his choice in terms of color and design, this will surely be going to hit his memory for long. Every friend knows what is the color choice of his/her friend. What type of patterns they like etc. Can’t you use this information to get an awesome dinner set for your friend? Have an attractive dinner set for your friend that he/she can use for a special occasion? In this way, your pal will remember you on every special day.

Red Heart Shaped Bowl For Two

It is obvious that romance blossoms at peak when a couple is newly married. As a friend, you would be knowing about the way of romance that your friend like. But even after this, it is your responsibility and also a good gesture to help his/her married life become more loving. Present your champ a lovely bowl made of red glass. These bowls are actually designed for eating dessert. This is an awesome idea to make the romance of your friend’s married life go high. They look lovely and shine like a precious stone when the light hits them. Just give it to your friend and he/she knows exactly how to make use of it to make his/her better half gleefully happy.

Coffee Mugs With Couple Picture

Sounds cliché? Let it be. No matter how old-fashioned or boring it may sound, but coffee mugs are something that is used on daily basis. Be it a stressful day or a day with cozy time. Coffee will always have its place in a couple’s life. You do not have to do much. Just get the picture of your friend and his/her partner printed on coffee mugs. Get two same mugs. These mugs will be used daily by your friend and he/she will remember that you care about his/her marriage ad new life. Moreover, it is good for a healthy marriage also. Using a coffee mug in which you see your partner’s picture will make you conscious of the fact that your partner is your responsibility and you should shower love on him/her. Same is true for your friend as well. It also keeps the love going in the married relationship. For more ideas, use the websites for online gifts in Hyderabad and online midnight cake delivery in Hyderabadyou will get more stuff for gifting a present to your friend.