Original and Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Original and Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year Mother’s Day approaches at the dawning of summer, and every year people all over the United States flock to the internet and department stores asking the same question: What am I going to get mom this year? Too often, we end up choosing a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or another piece of jewelry she probably already has too many of.

What can you get for your mom this year that will remind her of your love – and also impress her with your out-of-the-box creativity? Here’s a quick list of the most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas we found for you to put a smile on her face this year.

Make a Date

If your mother is the sentimental type, she’ll probably love a gift with emotional significance. While you may be past the paper crafting days of elementary school, there’s no reason you can’t give her a customized treasure this Mother’s Day. Choose a gift with the dates she was married, had her children and grandchildren and other special seasons of her life. Artists offer an array of options, from beautifully-arrange coin art made from coins struck in those years to functional quilts with calendar markings to commemorate them – the sky is the limit. The more unique the dates and how they are presented are, the better!

Gifts to Grow On

Give your mom a gift that she can grow to remind her of how well she raised you and your siblings. Choose from rose bushes or small trees for something more conventional, an interesting air plant for something unique, or a cactus, succulent plant or aquatic moss ball for something low-maintenance and off-beat.

Put it in Writing

Does your mother have a favorite book? What about favorite quotes, or scripture that brings her peace and joy in troubled times? Consider making her favorite words into art, with framed prints, embroidered tapestries or throw pillows or even wearable items like scarves and shirts. When she sees those familiar words, she’ll think of you and smile.

Buy It if You Don’t Want to DIY It

Of course, not all of us are artists. If hand-making or paying someone else to do the same isn’t your preferred method of getting the perfect present, there Gift On Point offers a multitude of unique mother’s day gift ideas for everyone on your list. Mom, grandma and your own beautiful wife – every mother you love can have the perfect gift this year, without suffering another single last-minute excuse for a present. Don’t be that person this year. Giver her something she’ll love, that she never expected!